Mono Hinge Gates

and Closers

We proudly manufacture the Mono Hinge Self Closing Gate® – the well-established, most popular, and proven self closing gate – as well as a range of safety gates and closers, used by hundreds of organisations and businesses across the UK.

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Our range of gates

Attractive & robust self closing gates that are easy to install and maintain.

  • Fully Tested, BSEN-1176 and DDA Compliant
  • Hazard-free, durable design
  • Simple installation and maintenance

Who we are

The range of Mono Hinge Self-Closing Gates® are manufactured by Joseph Ash Medway. The range incorporates play area / playground gates, safety gates, and gate closers, which are used in many locations, including parks, tennis courts, and other recreational spaces. Our self closing gates are optimised for safety and accessibility.

The Mono Hinge Self Closing Gate® is a registered trademark of Joseph Ash Medway.


“We are a new customer of Joseph Ash Medway. We liked the look of the gates and how they operate and have consequently purchased and installed three of them. Hopefully we will be able to install these gates across a lot of the parks within our Borough in the future.”

Tom Ford, Havering Borough Council

“After years of problems with spring-loaded gates, we found the safest and most reliable solution in the Mono Hinge Self Closing Gate.”

Richard Davidson, Play Area Technical Officer - Redditch Borough Council.

“Joseph Ash Medway have been instrumental in my decision to use these gates, they have supplied a quality product at a reasonable price with an excellent after sales and spare parts service. A highly recommended product, which complies with British and European standards, from a very reputable company.”

Gary Howard, Play and Amenities Technical Manager - South Norfolk District Council.

“We have been using Mono Hinge Gates at Braintree Council for several years. We love the gates and we are also very pleased with the Service Contracts provided by Mono Hinge. As part of the Service Contract, once a year, Mono Hinge representatives visit the Braintree district and service each gate, which includes advising us of any repairs that need to be made. If major repairs are needed, Mono Hinge also carries them out. At Braintree Council, we are very satisfied with the high level of service provided.”

Andy Potter, Parks and Open Spaces Assistant - Braintree District Council